Bun cha Hanoi – The wonderful blend of taste

If you have the opportunity to set foot on the beautiful Hanoi of Vietnam, wandering around the Old Quarter, you should once experience the specialty bun cha of native people here.

bun cha 1

Bun cha is a rustic dish. It appears everywhere, even in the most luxurious restaurants. However, you will only find the most delicious bun cha in small roadside restaurants, hidden in the crowded streets. Every time passing, aromatic scent of grilled meat can captivate anyone, from local people to tourists.

A full set of bun cha includes vermicelli noodles, grilled fatty pork, sauce and raw vegetables. Grilled pork here may be meat balls or bacon, marinated spices and grilled on charcoal. Fragrant smell of burning pork is the very first thing invites eaters to this dish.

bun cha 2

Besides aromatic hot grilled meat, the sauce is also an important component making the success of the dish. Bun cha’s sauce is cooked from fish sauce and spices as sugar, vinegar, pepper, seasoning… Each chef has their own recipe to make the sauce special. Once cooked, they will add a few slices of pickled carrot and green papaya, together with chili and garlic into the bowled of sauce.

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Vermicelli noodles and raw vegetables are served separately. Eaters will dip them into the sauce to enjoy this dish. Vegetables here can be cucumber, cilantro, basil, bean sprouts, lettuce, perilla… depending on the taste of eaters.

Bun cha is a common dish in northern Vietnam. Vietnam’s Central and South also has a similar dish called bun thit nuong.  Although in Vietnam, this dish can be seen anywhere, but nowhere can offer bun cha with such excellent taste as this place. Many Vietnamese people believe that bun cha is the best dish of their Capital. This is a typical dish of Hanoi culinary culture.

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Bun cha is usually served at noon, but now there are plenty of restaurants serving this dish from morning to night. It’s not hard to find a bun cha restaurant in Hanoi, since this dish appear almost everywhere. There are many famous tasty bun cha, and some of the oldest names are Bun Cha Hang Manh, Bun Cha Sinh Tu, Bun Cha Duy Diem, Bun Cha Huong Liem… Besides, bun cha is also a favorite lunch of many Hanoi families.

bun cha 5

Genlte taste of noodles, different flavors of each vegetable, imbued and soft meat, sweet salty sour spicy sauce… Bun cha attracts every eater from the impressive aroma to the unique taste. If you have once tasted this dish, then you will hardly forget for sure.


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