Burmese fish noodle soup mohinga

Most tourists come to Myanmar can easily see the images of street hawkers or images of Roadside stalls with hot bowls of mohinga on the streets. This is a traditional and very popular dish in this country. Many even consider this national dish or Myanmar.

mohinga 1

Many traditional snacks of Myanmar are made from rice. Among them, mohinga made from rice vermicelli with fish soup is one of the most typical representatives. Although it appears at anytime, anywhere on the streets, Myanmar people mainly have mohinga for breakfast, or special occasions.

mohinga 3

As a country leaning on sea, seafood is a plentiful food supply in Myanmar. Especially in the south of Myanmar, shrimps, fishes caught are always fresh, promising to bring diners the most amazing dishes. Therefore fish soup mohinga is very liked in this country. The fish usually used for cooking this dish is catfish, known in Burmese as nga gyi, nga ku or nga yunt.

mohinga 4

Besides the fresh fishes, another special thing of mohinga is its rich broth. The broth is often cooked with many herbs and spices such as fish sauce, garlic, onion, lemon grass, ginger…

Besides, this dish is also served with crushed toasted rice, chickpea flour, banana tree stem, crisp fried onions, spring onions, coriander leaves, duck eggs… Eater can add lime juice, chili or more fish sauce for taste.

mohinga 5 mohinga 6

With its fascinating flavor, fish noodle soup mohinga even got itself into Lonely Planet’s “The world’s best street food”. Other representatives are: banh mi, Vietnam; daulat ki chaat, Delhi, India; phat kaphrao, Thailand; burek, Bosnia-Herzegovina; sfenj, Morocco; walkie-talkies, South Africa; tamales, Mexico; red red, Ghan and currywurst, Germany.

If you have a change to visit Myanmar, make sure you will never miss this amazing dish. Fresh fish, rich broth and unique taste of herbs and spices… Once tried, it would be so hard to stop.


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