Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on top 10 Most Handsome Boys in the world 2018

Fashion industry has evolved completely in past few years. Every celebrity, be it men or women, wants to be in highlights for their fashion sense. Trends are being set every day and there is a race to look top notch at every event. It is normally believed that it is only women who want to look beautiful. However, men also want to be appreciated for their style. Being handsome is not related to good looks only; it is also linked with overall appeal of a person. Let us have look at the most handsome men who have managed to mesmerize us with their personality:

10. Prince William top 10 most handsome men 

Most Handsome Boys in the world 2018

If there is one word which could describe this handsome hunk, it would be charming and pleasant. He has made our hearts skip with a simple smile. A lot of hearts were broken when he got married to Kate Middleton. However, his popularity did not reduce. He became more loveable as a family man and reached new level of fame. He has come forward as a modern prince charming who could win over women in seconds. He is well-known for his philanthropic work.

9. Brad Pitt top 10 most handsome men 

Most Handsome Boys in the world 2018

How can anyone miss this name while making a list of handsome men? His exceptional acting abilities and attractive personality has been alluring for women all over the world. His recent divorce has given hopes to many women who would give anything to be with him, even if it is for some seconds. His massive popularity, especially among women, has landed him 9thplace on this list.

8. Noah Mills top 10 most handsome men 

Most Handsome Boys in the world 2018

Noah Mills is another name who is not only popular for his skills but also for his good looks. Although his personality is very overall very charming, it is his hazel eyes which make women crazy after him. He has been a part of numerous block buster projects and was named as best actor in 2013. Apart from that, he is still single so watch out ladies! He is definitely worth it.

7. Salman Khan top 10 most handsome men 

Most Handsome Boys in the world 2018

Whoever has said that Indian men are not charismatic and appealing has not known about the Khans of Bollywood industry. Salman Khan is definitely the most handsome Khan of this industry. His well-built body has caused many women to run after him. He has worked for many humanitarian projects as well and is a women magnet. He is another handsome celebrity who is still single and has a huge female fan following.

6. Hrithik Roshan

Most Handsome Boys in the world 2018

Another famous celebrity from Bollywood industry who has some mesmerizing moves up his sleeve. He has been a part of numerous good movies and has very loyal female fan following. Blessed with amazing looks and good height, he attracts women like magnet attracts iron. Women cannot tear their eyes away when he is showing his dance moves. Owing to his incredible looks and boyish charm, he has been included in this list.

5. Godfrey Gao

Most Handsome Boys in the world 2018

He is perhaps the sexiest man alive in Taiwan. His amazing sense of style and charming personality has wowed women of all ages. Apart from that, his successful career as an actor and model also manages to mesmerize women from all over the world. He is another celebrity in this list with no wedding ring since he wants to focus on his work. He is another women killer worth the wait.

4. Chris Evans

Most Handsome Boys in the world 2018

Here comes my crush and all-time favorite, Captain America! Dubbed as the most dateable personality of 2018, Chris Evans has literally melted the hearts of many women since the start of his career. His boyish appeal makes women crazy after him. His overall sense of style is very good as well and he has managed to mesmerize women on all important awards as well as other events. Let us hope that he remains single in 2018 or else his female fans (including me *wink*) would die of disappointment.

3. Omar Borkan Al Gala

Most Handsome Boys in the world 2018

Finally someone who is not from fashion industry! Omar was a common man till his prominent features and eagle eyes caught the attention of Saudi authorities. Believe it or not, but yes ladies and gentlemen, he was kicked out of the empire so that he was unable to attract local women with his irresistible charms. He became an internet sensation owing to his good look and impish charms. Well, we do wish him best for his future endeavors!

2. Justin Trudeau

Most Handsome Boys in the world 2018

Here comes a man who is not only known for his good looks but amazing nature as well. This man managed to mesmerize Canada with his views on intercultural harmony. Apart from that, his cute features and amiable nature caused women to have hearts aches. His dancing videos and views on women freedom acted as fire to the fuel and gathered him more women following than any Canadian prime minister has enjoyed.

1. Tom Cruise

Most Handsome Boys in the world 2018

Here comes the most sexy and handsome man alive *drum rolls* Tom Cruise! His dashing and attractive personality has made him heart throb of women of all ages and all nationalities. His successful career is another reason which makes women die for him. In other words, he is perfect combination of beauty and brain.


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