Come to Malacca for satay celup

Not a fancy or luxurious dish, but satay celup is the thing attracts customers the most in Malacca (Malay: Melaka). If you have the opportunity to come to Malaysia, you should never ignore this interesting dish.

satay celup 1

Satay celup (also called tok tok buffet) is actually a kind of hot pot (steamboat). Satay is the common name for the food skewers grilled or fried in oil, which is a very popular fast food on Malaysia streets. Satay celup is a dish where raw or semi-cooked foods are pre-skewered (except leafy vegetables) and dipped into a hot boiling broth (satay gravy).

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Diners can choose many kinds of broth and food items for themselves. Each restaurant has its own kind of broth with its own special recipes. The most popular foods usually are shrimp, meatballs, fish balls, quail eggs, oysters, sausage, mushrooms, fried tofu and vegetables, fruits of all kinds.

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The foods there must always be kept fresh in huge refrigerators or cold food courts. Dining tables in the satay celup restaurants are also designed quite specially with a hole in the middle to keep hot pot.

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Whether you go alone or go a few more people, it’s still the same. However, satay celup is really an appropriate dish for the family or friends reunion.

Everyone can gather around a table, choose your favorite foods, smell the thick and aromatic scent of the broth, enjoy the warm dishes has been embedded into the boiling pot, chat all evening. In Malacca, satay celup is the No. 1 choice to bring people closer together.

satay celup 3

You can easily find good places to enjoy this attractive dish in Malacca. There are many well-known satay celup restaurants here, but mentioned the most probably is Capitol Satay. This is the oldest restaurant in Malacca (from the 1950s), owned by Yong Cheng family.

The restaurant only opens from 5 pm to 11 pm each day, and can easily be recognized because there’s always a long line of customers waiting outside the door in an orderly manner, even when the store does not open yet.


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