Experience Korean royal cuisine on streets with tteokbokki

With the popularity of Korean culture worldwide now, surely you’ve heard, seen or even tasted ttoekbokki a few times. This spicy rice cake is one of the most popular street foods of Korea.

tteokbokki 1

Tteokbokki is an attractive dish from the eye-catching red color to the sweet fragrance and fascinating taste. This is an irreplaceable food in the daily life of the Korean people.

Nowadays, this dish appears everywhere, from the smallest street sides to the most luxurious restaurants. The Koreans also regularly let this special dish show up in their movies and other cultural products, such as a pride for world friends.

tteokbokki 2

Tteokbokki (also known as teokbokki, ddeokbokki, topokki, and dukboki) was a part of Korean royal cuisine back in the Joseon Dynasty. Unlike the red and spicy tteokbokki we often see these days, the original tteokbokki was brown and plain.

tteokbokki 2

Over time, this dish is increasingly becoming more abundant with many versions suitable for the life of modern men. Tteokbokki is believed to be turned into red and spicy rice cake after the appearance of gochujang (a kind of spicy paste).

tteokbokki 5

Today, modern tteokbokki is made from garaetteok (rice cake), gochujang, chili and spices. Besides, there are also optional ingredients such as pork, fried fish, ham, beef, egg, spring onion, mushroom, carrots, or even fried noodles…

tteokbokki 3

Among them, gochujang is made from fresh chili and spices, helping create specific color and the soul of the dish. Moreover, the garaetteok rice cake has been more and more diverse in shapes and colors, making tteokbokki become richer and richer.

tteokbokki 4

If it’s the first time you try tteokbokki, if not used to or don’t like spicy food, you will have a lot of troubles with gochujang. However, once you are used to this taste, it’s very hard to stop. The sticky round cakes, cut just the right length, look small and pretty, wrapped inside the red, thick sauce with charming, spicy flavor sure will make you never want to leave.


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