Frog porridge – The pride of Singapore culinary culture

Many tourists say that, if you visit Singapore without trying frog porridge, then you trip is totally wasted. Just like Japanese sushi or Korean Kimchi, frog porridge is the pride of Singapore culinary culture.

frog porridge 1

Frog porridge appears in almost every corner of Singapore, but the most attractive destination for diners is Geylang – the famous entertainment area of Singapore. Inside Geylang, Lorong 9 and Lorong 11 are two areas with the best frog porridge.

When you order frog porridge in Singapore, the restaurant will give you a dish with two parts: a bowl of whitish porridge with a little spring onions, and a clay pot of hot braised frogs with such fascinating smelling.

frog porridge 3

If it’s the first time you ever try this special food, it will be a little rough because of the chef’s unique seasonings using. However, once you use to this dish, you will be addicted to it easily. The main spices are usually soy sauce, sweet dark soy sauce, sugar, oyster sauce, liquor, aromatic flavor… Before cooking, the frogs will be marinated in a few hours so all the spices are absorbed with aromatic flavor.

frog porridge 2

And if you don’t like spicy food, this dish sure will be a nightmare. Singapore taste is super spicy, so when you get enough of the frogs, a few spoons of white porridge will be exactly what you need. That’s why these two are called “perfect couple”. Together, they make such a stunning combination in the food world.

frog porridge 4

Coming to Singapore, wandering at night on the bustle, crowded streets, then stopping at a frog porridge shop when hungry will be an unforgettable experience for visitors. The light taste of white porridge, added with spicy, tangy sauce outside these greasy frog legs, all melted on the tongue of diners.

frog porridge

There’s nothing more interesting than after being exhausted for exploring the landscapes in Singapore, you can complete your day with delicious frog porridge in the cool Singapore night.


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