Ramen – The pure beauty of Japan

Japan is a country with excellent cuisine in the world. Referring to Japanese cuisine, we can’t forget to mention the famous dishes worldwide such as sushi, sashimi (fresh seafood), tempura (fried shrimp or fish and vegetables), or ramen noodles.

ramen 1

Japan has three main kinds of noodles: udon, soba and ramen. Among them, ramen is the most popular. If you are a fan of manga or anime, you’ll find this dish appear very frequently like an indispensable part of Japanese people’s daily life.

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A bowl of ramen includes noodles, broth and other foods. There are many foods that you can choose, but a real bowl of ramen must have Chashu pork, dried bamboo shoots, boiled egg and fresh vegetables.

However, what makes the difference of the ramen noodles is broth. Ramen broth is cooked very fussy, and is the distinctive imprint of each region, each chef.

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Many people think that ramen derived from a kind of Chinese noodles, but nobody could prove it. The origin of ramen so far remains a mystery. However, most people agree that this kind of noodles appeared in Japan in the second half of the 19th century.

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Over time, this kind of noodles has been increasingly becoming popular with many different types of variations, depending on the region. Gradually, ramen has become an irreplaceable specialty of Japan. Even many regions in Japan have their own specialty ramen.

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In Japan, the most famous ramen noodles are miso ramen of Sapporo, kitakata ramen of Fukushima, toyata ramen of Toyata, hakata ramen of Fukuoka or Hiroshima ramen… At each place, ramen has its own beauty. However, they are all the distinction, the national spirit of Japanese cuisine.


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