Special orange chicken tikka masala of the Indian

Chicken tikka masala is one of the most typical representatives of Indian culinary culture. This is a special dish with soft but warm, attractive flavor.

Although there are many theories that this dish is originated from England, but no one can deny that this is a very popular and typical dish of Indian cusine.

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Characteristic of Indian cuisine is the clever, subtle combination of spices, which creates such indescribable flavor to the dish. Chicken tikka masala, just like that, is one of the most typical products of Indian culinary culture. Additionally, this dish is loved because of not only the taste but also its eye-catching color.

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Tikka means “cut”. Chicken tikka is chicken cut into small pieces, removed all bones and marinated in spices about 6 hours before baking in tandoor oven.

After baking, the hot and fragrant chicken pieces are heated and fragrant are taken out, added masala (spice mix) sauce to be more delicious and attractive. Done. Chicken tikka masala is finished with beautiful orange and warm, aromatic scent.

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There is no standard recipe for this dish. Chicken tikka masala is very common in the daily lives of people in India, so every family has their own way for processing this dish to suit the taste buds of family members. Besides chicken, the only common ingredient, all kinds of spices and processing styles are extremely diverse.

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However, there are some common ingredients in all the recipes. Before baking, the chicken pieces are usually marinated with some spices and yogurt. The most popular ingredients used to make masala sauce are tomato, coriander, coconut cream, cream, spices and some orange powder. This power is the reason why chicken tikka masala has its typical orange color.

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Nowadays, chicken tikka masala has become popular worldwide, especially in British restaurants and Indian restaurant. According to a survey of 2000 people in 2012, chicken tikka masala is the second most popular foreign dish to cook in the UK, while the most popular is Chinese stir fry.

It can be seen, this dish is really a signature product. If you have a change, try to taste or cook this unique dish. Maybe you will have your chicken tikka masala recipe, who knows.


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