Speed or psychology in the martial arts is more important?

In competitions, speed plays a very important role. However, many fighters have pointed out that the psychology in martial arts control the speed, affecting the result of the fight.

With strong and muscular hands, the attacker locked the young man’s wrist like a pincer. Despite his best efforts, the young man could not escape. So he moved to another move, but still be unable to escape. Too powerless, the young man felt stressed.

He tried a series of defensive moves, but was easily caught by the other. Again and again, but still ineffectual. No matter how much effort, he could not escape the grip of his opponents bigger and stronger than he. The weaker frantically changed from one to another hopelessly moves.

“Stop”! A voice rang out. In the midst of a hurry to switch to another, the young man stopped. “Stop it! You hit too fast “. Still this voice, that’s their coach. “If you want to break this, you have to slow down, don’t rush!”

Psychology in martial arts


Most of fighters often assume that speed is one of the factors required to reach the perfect technique. They think the faster, the better. Some coaches also say that speed can make up for incomplete technique. Your technique can be inadequate, even ineffective, but if you strike fast enough, it’s can be very effective.

So what if with those who’re serious and well trained technicians? Most athletes are very agile. They move so fast that their opponents are often surprised not to know what hit them.

If the speed is so important, especially the laws of physics say that speed can contribute to strength, why does the coach advise his student to slow down? The answer is simple, even contradictory. Oftenly, if you try to make a quick strike, that will slow you down.


Psychology is why the coach advise you to slow down. When you try to strike fast, you are often hampered by psychological factors. While trying to speed up, your mind often tensed your muscles. This tension will produce a substance that blocks or against your own body. This will slows you down and makes your movements clumsy and ineffective. For example, if your hands are relaxed, your punch will be much faster than when you intentionally stretch the muscles. If you have best boxing gloves , you will be stronger

Another factor is stressful. In the sparring described above, there are many types of stress that have occurred. First, there is a type of stress that occurs when performing in front of many people. People often worry about show off their strike, try not making mistakes. Look at the competition and try impressing others. This stress has contributed to psychological stress.


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