As warm as Yangzhou fried rice

If you have ever stepped into a Chinese restaurant, then you would no longer be unfamiliar to this dish. Yangzhou fried rice is one of the most popular and favorite dishes of Chinese cuisine.


Although named Yangzhou, this dish did not come from the city of Yangzhou in China. The inventor of this dish is Yi Bingshou (1754 – 1815), a culinary enthusiast official in the Qing Dynasty. He named this dish Yangzhou fried rice, after the name of the land where he worked as regional magistrate.

yangzhou fried rice 2

Yangzhou fried rice is a simple and not too fussy dish. Initially, there were two ways to use eggs for cooking this dish. The first way was called “silver covered gold”. With this, the chef would prepare scrambled egg separately, only mixed with the rice just after the dish was done. The second way was “gold covered silver”, where egg liquid would be mixed with the rice before cooking.

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Besides these two main ingredients rice and egg, you can choose a lot of different foods to make this delicious dish. The most common ingredients are char siu pork, lap cheong (a sweet kind of sausage), shrimp, spring onion, carrot, pea, corn, garlic… and spices like salt, pepper. You can also add ketchup or soy sauce for better taste.

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Yangzhou fried rice can be cooked well without difficulty. First, you need pre-cooked rice. Egg or without egg, it’s up to you. Then, dice or slice all the ingredients into small pieces. Stir fry the ingredients without rice and spring onions first, then put them onto a disk.

Continue by frying the rice for a while, and then mix it with other cooked ingredients. When all the foods are ripe and dry, turn off the heat and add spring onions.

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Yangzhou fried rice is not only famous in China but also a signature dish of Asia. If you do not have time to eat at a Chinese restaurant, you can make this dish at home. It’s really simple, fast and full of essential nutrients.


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