Warm your evening with Thai green curry

Curry is one of the most popular dishes in the world with so many different variations. In each region, each kind of curry all has its own distinctions, depending on preferences, eating habits, available ingredients and climate of the place.

Thailand is also a land loves curry. Referring to Thai curry, people often think of the most famous dishes: green curry, red curry, yellow curry, Massaman curry and Penang curry.

Thai green curry 1

Looking at the names of green curry, red curry and yellow curry, we can understand immediately they are named after colors. In particular, red curry is the most popular, and also the spiciest, just like the taste of Thai. So if you do not like spicy food, sure green curry – the second most common kind of curry will please your taste.

Thai green curry 2

Green curry is a very fancy and unique dish of Thai cuisine. Of course, green curry has chili, but only a small amount, much less spicy than red curry. At the same time, it also has a sweet taste that red curry does not.

Thai green curry 3

Main ingredients to cook green curry are coconut milk, green curry paste (which makes this curry green), fish sauce, sugar, kaffir (lime leaves), phrik chi fa (Thai long chili) and Thai basil…

Besides, there are also vegetables and fruits like fresh green chilies, eggplant, solanum torvum… You can cook green curry with any kind of meat, but the most popular ones are beef, chicken and fish balls.

Thai green curry 4

Once you have all the necessary ingredients, processing green curry is also quite simple. What you need to do is putting ingredients into a pan and cooking. Green curry is often eaten with rice.

Thai green curry 5

However, even processing method is simple, but cooking exactly like the taste of Thai green curry is not simple at all. This dish has a very special flavor, tangy, sweet, greasy. It is very unforgettable taste that you can only find in this country.


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